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My brush is soft, gentle and very emotional. Sometimes it guides me to shiny and bright landscapes  other times to mysterious and dark places.

I am a lover of nature and all its manifestations.
My family has lands of lavender and I often spend my time in the provence. This is how I create my scapes: while observing the green and colorful fields of grass, lavender, different flowers, bales of hay, seas of wheat, trees. I am inspired by the rustic life and also by all the flora and fauna that surrounds me there.
I also love to travel and to explore different places around the world. You can see them on my paintings: rustic fields from Bulgaria, French provence houses and people, adorable Italian towns by the sea, huge buildings in New York, noisy mexican piazas, tropic floridian palm trees – all of them have left very special emotions in my heart which I have “stamped” not only in my mind and soul, but also on canvases. My brush has always been a constant companion during my trips around the world and helps me write my colorful “itinerary”.
Enjoy the journey here! I wish you the very best!


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