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Radosveta ZhelyazkovaMy brush is soft, gentle and emotional. Sometimes it guides me to vibrant, colorful landscapes, other times to dark and mysterious domains. I go where it leads me. I am a lover of nature and her many manifestations.

My family owns lands of lavender and sage. I often spend my free time in the countryside around their farm. I am inspired by what I see there. This is how I create my landscapes of grass, meadows, lilacs and lilies, of seas of wheat and orchards of trees.

I also love to travel and explore different destinations around the world. My paint brush is my constant companion. It helps me to capture and recreate my travels. You can see some of them in my paintings: rustic fields in Bulgaria, Provençal houses in the South of France, seaside villages in Italy, noisy plazas in Mexico, swaying palm trees in Florida and the monumental buildings that make up the vast skyline of New York City. All of these scenes have touched my heart and, as a result, my canvas. Perhaps they will touch you too.

Enjoy your journey through my work and I wish you the best of all that’s beautiful,