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My latest work “Tranquility”

Radosveta Zhelyazkova

Around 5 000 dots form this “Tranquility “. I had an amazing time while creating this beautiful scene. Never thought that a swamp could look so colorful, movable, romantic and at the same time vital. The dominant color is green – in all nuances: Apple green, Asparagus, Forest green, Dark olive green, Dark moss green, Lime green, Phthalo green,

British racing green, Cal Poly green, Midnight green. The color green with its shades is one of my preferrd colors for wall art. It is said to be lesen anxiety, stress and nervousness. “Tranquility ” relaxes body and mind and is refreshing at the same time. Green and all its shades is the greates color for wall art and adds a tranquil note to any room.
The details of the artwork are:
Name: Tranquility 
Size: 65 x 54 x 1.5 cm /25,60 x 21.25 inches/
Technique: Impressionism
Media: oil colors on stretched canvas
Dominant color: green
Preferred room in a house: Ballroom, Drawing Room, Dining room, Bedroom, Hall, Library, Office, Spare Room/ Guest Room, Living Room, Landing
My frame suggestion: A border of a baroque style because it perfectly finishes the romantic and impressionist appearance of the painting. The baroque frames are some of the most popular ones on the market and are made of real wood or of an imitation material like pvc which is cheaper. Baroque frames are available in a rich assortment of colors and finishes that enhances the artwork. Whatever your decor, the Baroque frame will help your artwork stand out. However, lovers of all the other frame styles, please feel free to try something different and atypical as the process of choosing a frame for your new painting is a lot fun, enjoyable experience and also a creative one – now is your turn!

1 thought on “My latest work “Tranquility””

  1. Jeannette ALLARY

    So nice and poetic this impressionist art ! A gift for eyes !

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