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After many hours of hard work and months of waiting I finally got the result from the INTERNATIONAL ART & DESIGN COMPETITION 2017 – Accademia Riaci. I and my project “Dolls and costumes” won the 3d place award in the painting/drawing category and are going to Florence for an art show and for a Master course. Thank you!

Florence, sometimes called the “museum of no roof ”, is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The city of which modern Italy is proud as a center of art had reached one of its pinnacles between the 14th and 16th centuries, when creative energies and techniques of artisans flourished.

“The International Art & Design Competition” takes place in this marvelous environment. The aim of the competition is to contribute to the revitalization and internationalization of the entire Italian Art, Design and Crafts industries, by discovering new artists, fostering their talents, and in the meantime promoting the study abroad in Italy.

Contest categpries: Jewelry Making, Jewelry Design, Bag Design, Bag Making, Furniture Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Painting & Drawing, Illustration.