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Love from Tuscany

Tuscany as a whole is just so romantic and beautiful to see. I love that place so much and have dedicated part of my art to that region.
Tuscany is where the pastoral and urban landscapes meet to form the perfect mix—and they are an artist’s dream.
This is a land where time stands still…
Radosveta Zhelyazkova

Tuscany Size: 60 x 50 x 2 cm

Found in the heart of Italy, there is a land where time stands still. With its silvery olive groves, fields of sunflowers, vineyards and stone farms, ancient medieval castles, and its enchanting Renaissance cities such as Florence, it can be said that Tuscany encompasses all of the many unique qualities of Italy.  Mauro Maione

Name: Tuscany Size: 60 50 2 cm

Name: Red fields Size: 60 x 50 x 2 cm

Anyone visiting Tuscany for the first time, especially the countryside, will be impressed to see how centuries of human intervention have respected and worked with the environment, beautifying the rolling hills with tree-lined avenues of cypress trees, planting vineyards and silvery olive groves, and building quiet and harmonious villages and towns. Mauro Maione

Name Sea view Size: 60 x 50 x 1,5

And beyond the art, museums, architecture and beautiful landscapes, this region has even more to explore than most visitors will ever discover, with mountains that are covered in wild flowers in Spring, and a beautiful winding coast that has an archipelago of enchanting islands. Mauro Maione

Name: Bales of hay Size: 60 x 50 x 2

Radosveta Zhelyazkova


4 thoughts on “Love from Tuscany”

  1. Hristo Kirchev

    Браво, прекрасно!

  2. Недялка Георгиева

    Лелеле…страхотна е!!! Кога успя да нарисуваш и парапета, цветята и къщите!

  3. Mariana Alexieva

    Личи си, че сте един прекрасен млад човек, с много умения и с много вкус към красивото. Прекрасно е и това платно

  4. Fulvio Falsaperla

    Brava…ma quanto lavori Radosveta Zhelyazkova?..vorrei avere la Tua forza…tanti Artisi col passare degli anni diventano pigri perchè vogliono sempre migliorarsi sei brava e hai un viso tanto simpatico ciao Fulvio Falsaperla

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