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My “Self portrait” in WotisArt? Magazine

“Me, Myself and I” was published on the pages of “WotisArt? Magazine” and “Average Art”

Thank you!

The magazines are ‘industry focused’ and will be sent to a number of different art organisations.
Along with my artwork you can see contact details.
“WotisArt? Magazine”, February issue can be bought here online: WotisArt
“Average Art Magazine”, April issue can be bought here online:“Average Art”

Благодаря на изданията “WotisArt?” и “Average Art” – Ливърпул, за това, че са публикували автопортрета ми “Me, Myself and I”, масени бои на картон, Размер: 100 х 70 см. На тази работа съм едновременно модел и художник.