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My "Thinking About" in the "Harbor Review" Magazine

My “Thinking About” in the “Harbor Review” Magazine

The American Magazine “Harbor Review” starts its 2020 year with the New Issue#4 where you can find my art work “Thinking About” on its first page.

They publish two issues a year in winter and summer. The magazine is interested in work that shocks and inspires.

It is interested in strange and beautiful language, image, and metaphor and is committed to giving diverse voices a home.
Wish them a successful New Year and many many new readers!

I will end this post with JAM KRAPRAYOON’s beautiful poem called “Human Nature” which stands right after my art work published in the magazine:

My "Thinking About" in the "Harbor Review" Magazine

It’s said, “the past is a foreign country;

they do things differently there”

but the hand and heart has left their mark

on every page and wall from here

to Palmyra.

In a bathroom stall, someone penned

a joke about my mother’s weight

and next to a ruined gate, a Roman wrote

that she tried to pass through and failed.

Back in school, I used to doodle

on desks and canteen tables,

these dinosaurs and little triangles.

In Novgorod, a boy carved out,

in soft birch bark,

all his alphabets and silly beasts

and underneath the Pompeii ash, it’s etched

that Rufus loves Cornelia and that

once you are dead, you are nothing.

Between conquests and collapse

are the beats of our leper-hearts,

the whispered fear of being forgotten.

Halfdan was here.

Kilroy was here.

Ding Jinhao was here.

Graffiti, like poetry, makes nothing happen:

it survives and reminds us that

though the past is a foreign country;

it’s still just people there.


Американското издание Harbor Review стартира новата 2020 година с новия си Брой #4, в който избра да публикува и моите “Клюкарки” (Radosveta Zhelyazkova – “Thinking About”)
Списанието е за поезия и изобразително изкуство и по интересен начин комбинира поетична творба с рисунка. Публикуват само две издания годишно: зимно и лятно. Изборът им се спира върху шокиращи и вдъхновяващи творби, както и върху “страння и същевременно красив начин на изразяване на артиста/поета и метафората”, Пожелавам им голяма аудитория!