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All images are copyright © Radosveta Zhelyazkova and MyArtForKids.
If you want to use, download or copy images from my Gallery, please send me an e-mail: radosveta17@gmail.com or call: + 359 889 633 001. Thank you!

“My brush is soft, gentle and emotional. Sometimes it guides me to vibrant, colorful landscapes, other times to dark and mysterious domains. I am an artist who is influenced by just about anything: my life, environment, kids, work, movies, stories, other artists, social values and the society. I think everything I see and experience in life influences my art in some way. I love many traditional art expressions like the simple but very attractive and colorful silhouettes and at the same time I am very attractive to mystery and fantasy scenes. Enjoy your journey through my work and I wish you the best of all that’s beautiful, Radi”

My thanks
Sometimes it is hard to figure out the right way to thank someone. I decided to create my Thankful page here in order to express my gratitute to some special people who entered my art life and made it more vital and beautiful. These are the people I want to thank; I couldn’t have finished my projects without them: My family; Mrs Maria Guerrero, Director of Women in the Arts Inc., Orlando, Florida;
Mr Peter Virant, writer, United States; Mr Pawel Nawrocki, sculptor, Chicago
Mrs Hiromi, Director of Art Academy Riaci, Florence, Italy; Mrs Martina Boycheva, artist, Bulgaria;
Mrs Christiane Strasse, artist, Germany; My friends
Thank you! You all know why